About Asa Aarons Smith Photography

Asa Aarons is best known as  an Emmy winning  TV Journalist and
Consumer Advocate. In recent years,  his documentary photography  has
gained increasing recognition.
In 2010, he had a one man show at New York's Almanac Gallery. Founded
by famed photographer Ben Fernadez, the gallery is known for its
support of traditional and contemporary photojournalism.
Aaaron's documentary "Poverty in America" received a silver medal of
recognition from the New York Festivals Awards as well as recognition
for Investigative Reporting from the NYC Black Journalists
Aarons currently shoots photo essays for publications, as well as
editorial portraits, art photography and event photography. He
compares shooting special events like weddings  to covering a major
news story. "It's a once in a lifetime event and you better come back
with a series of interesting, compelling images," he said.
 He can be contacted  at
AsaAaronsPhotography.com   / writeasa@gmail.com  / 914 -355-9072